Links and Downloads

The Grinding Doc’s Interrogation Sheet: A detailed questionnaire about a grinding process. Typically filled out and returned to Dr. Badger before a company visit or off-site consultation.

Grinding Aggressiveness, in CIRP paper: Dr. Badger is the creator of the concept “grinding Aggressiveness”, which has gained popularity in both academia and industry. This paper, the second in a series, explains the concept in practical terms to be used on the shop floor.

Cubitron-II: Article in Welding Journal on triangular engineered-shape abrasive. The article won the American Welding Society James F. Lincoln Gold Medal Award for “outstanding achievement in the science, technology and application of welding.” Explains the fundamental mechanisms behind the “tortilla-chip grit”.

Grinding: A Pictorial Odyssey, Part I: Dr. Badger’s popular article on grinding from the perspective of an electron microscope, published in Cutting Tool Engineering.

Grinding: A Pictorial Odyssey, part II: The sequel to the popular electron-microscope article.

The Great Grinding Divide: Dr. Badger’s article, presented at the Swedish Production Symposium in 2011, on the great divide between grinding in academia and grinding in real-world production.

IJMTM Aggressiveness article: Hardcore technical paper on use of the Aggressiveness concept. Complex science, but useful. Published by Dr. Badger and his colleagues at the IGI, along with an industrial collaborator that used the concept in camshaft and crankshaft grinding.

Thirteen Years as The Grinding Doc: Article in the Industrial Diamond Association’s Finer Points Magazine on what Dr. Badger’s has learned during his thirteen years as The Grinding Doc – about grinding, about the grinding industry, about human nature.

The Taper Cycle of Madness: Article about taper development in cup wheels, presented at the CIRP Corporate session in Bilbao. Particularly useful for sawblade grinders.

Suburban Tool. Excellent series of videos by Don Bailey geared toward machine-shop-style grinding.

Grinding Academy by Titans of CNC. The Grinding Doc’s courses are focused on giving engineers and machine operators an in-depth understanding of grinding, with a focus on wheel choice, grinding, dressing and cooling parameters, optimization and troubleshooting problems. Grinders interested in fixturing, programming and set-ups will find this recently launched site useful. Boom!

Research papers authored by Dr. Badger, on Google Scholar.


Cutting Tool Engineering: Leading American trade magazine in the cutting-tool industry where Dr. Badger’s regular question/answer column Ask The Grinding Doc column appears.

Abrasives Mall: Site with information on the latest developments in the grinding industry.

CIRP: The International Academy for Production Engineering, the world-leading organization in production engineering.

IJMTM: The International Journal of Machine Tools & Manufacture, the leading academic journal in manufacturing.

Finding Granddad’s War: Dr. Badger’s book on his search for his deceased grandfather’s buddies from World War II, listing.

Dr. Jeff Badger’s grandfather, Leo Kavanaugh, served in an engineering unit in Europe and the Pacific during WWII. Unfortunately, Jeff’s grandfather died when he was only three months old. As a way of getting to know the grandfather he never met, Jeff tracked down and interviewed 36 GIs from his granddad’s unit, includes his four best buddies. Most of these elderly GIs had never spoken about the war to anybody. But now, in the twilight of their lives, they poured out their hearts to Jeff about their experiences. Jeff then went to France, Germany and Holland and tracked down the people from the GIs’ photos – the European civilians – who knew them during the war, and got their stories. Jeff details his search and their oral histories in his book Finding Granddad’s War, published by Ancestry. A listing of the book, and the Kindle version, can be found here on