Five-day in-house Grinding Boot Camp


Give you company the knowledge, tools and techniques to take control of your grinding operations and make steady, long-term, significant improvements via shorter cycle times, reduced grinding costs, improved quality and overall better grinding, along with the knowledge to troubleshoot grinding problems – all of which will take place immediately after the visit and continue on many years afterward.


Day 1 & Day 2: During the first two days I evaluate your grinding processes. I examine regular production on three or four of your machines to see what you’re doing right and you’re doing wrong.

Day 3, Day 4 & Day 5: The next three days are spent in the classroom discussing your grinding operations. These days follow the same general format as the High Intensity Grinding Course. However, there is one key difference: During the case studies, instead of discussing a general grinding example, we discuss your particular grinding situation. We analyze it from first principles and discuss how it can be improved. These discussions are always lively.

And, because the classroom portion is focused solely on your grinding operations, we can skip irrelevant sections from the High Intensity Grinding Course and spend additional time on relevant topics. Also, attendees come up with case studies of their own grinding operations and these are analyzed together using The Grinder’s Toolbox.

Brochure: A four-page pdf brochure about the Boot Camp can be downloaded here.

Schedule a Visit: Contact Dr. Badger to schedule a visit.