The Grinder’s Toolbox

What is the Grinder’s Toolbox®?

The Grinder’s Toolbox® is an advanced Excel spreadsheet developed by The Grinding Doc® for determining optimum grinding, dressing & cooling parameters.


  • The Grinding Viking®: Each page gives practical, hard-hitting advice from The Grinding Viking, with specific recommendations on improvements
  • Temperature Predictions: Grinding pages predict grinding temperatures using the well-established Jaeger moving-heat-source model coupled with Peclet numbers, partition ratios, grit conductivity, and chip-thickness-dependent specific-energy values, giving maximum surface temperature and a plot of temperature vs. depth into the workpiece, showing at which depth thermal damage will occur. The accuracy depends on the accuracy of the inputs and whether the actual grinding power is measured with The Grindometer®.
  • Penetration depth & Aggressiveness Values: Grinding pages calculate the theoretical penetration depth and the actual Aggressiveness value, which can be used to determine the sweet-spot of the wheel.
  • Dressing Parameters: Dressing pages calculate the effective dressing depth as a percentage of grit diameter, the dressing lead, the overlap ratio, and the speed ratio to determine whether the wheel is being dressed sharp or dull. Also, rotary-dressing pages calculate the RPM Ratio to avoid “integer values” and wheel eccentricity.
  • Waviness in cylindrical grinding: Plunge & Traverse cylindrical grinding pages calculate the estimated part waviness based on the grinding parameters and sparkout time.
  • Cooling: The cooling page calculates coolant exit velocities, pressures, flowrates, and pump power, and can be used in designing nozzles and sizing pumps.


The four-page pdf brochure about The Grinder’s Toolbox® can be downloaded here.

Downloads and Pricing

ProductPriceTrial Version
Single-point, blade & cluster dressing$395
Plunge diamond roll dressing$495Trial Version
Traverse diamond disc dressing$495
Surface & creep-feed grinding$295
Plunge cylindrical OD & ID grinding$795Trial Version
Traverse cylindrical OD & ID grinding$495
Complete Toolbox$2,200

A video description of The Grinder’s Toolbox, from Cutting Tool Engineering’s award-winning video series.

Purchase a Copy: To purchase a copy of The Grinder’s Toolbox, email Dr. Badger. The Grinder’s Toolbox will be sent via email typically within 24-hours.


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Important Message to owners of The Grinder’s Toolbox: The latest, “updated” version of Microsoft Windows and Excel apparently has a bug in it. This bug makes it impossible to change the unit-boxes in The Grinder’s Toolbox. There is a simple fix: 1. Close Excel and all other programs. 2. Search your entire computer for the file MSForms.exd. 3. Delete these files. 4. Open Excel and The Grinder’s Toolbox. This should fix the problem. Additional information can be found at