The Grindometer

What is a Grindometer®?

A device developed by Dr. Badger for evaluating grinding processes. It measured spindle power and outputs spindle-power vs. time.


Optimizing the grinding process
Troubleshooting grinding problems
Evaluating new wheels
Eliminating grinding burn
Finding the “sweet spot” of the wheel
Evaluating new coolants


Grindometer power meter
Data logger
Software for downloading and evaluating power-vs.-time signal
All necessary cables for immediate plug-&-play use
Instruction booklet
Two days on-site or off-site technical assistance

Sample output from The Grindometer: Power profile for three different wheels. For a given set of conditions, the wheel that gives the lowest power will also give the lowest workpiece temperature

Who Uses The Grindometer®?

Numerous companies around the world are using The Grindometer® for taking their grinding operations to the highest level. These include grinding-wheel manufacturers and distributers, companies doing the grinding, and companies making coolants.

Who Uses The Grindometer?

  • A carbide-tool manufacturer in Ohio
  • A turbine-blade manufacturer in Spain
  • A crankshaft manufacturer in Brazil
  • A grinding-wheel distributer in Germany
  • A grinding-wheel manufacturer in Italy
  • A HSS-tool manufacturer in Australia
  • A carbide -tool manufacturer in Ohio
  • A HSS tool manufacturer in New Zealand
  • A carbide-tool manufacturer in Pennsylvania
  • A grinding-wheel manufacturer in Mexico
  • A tap manufacturer in New Hampshire
  • A carbide-tool manufacturer  in Idaho
  • A grinding-wheel distributor in Mexico
  • A carbide-shaft grinder in Pennsylvania

What Versions Are Available?

The Grindometer is available in 220 V or 110 V versions with UK, European or U.S.-style plugs.

Price and Delivery

Price and Delivery is $13,500. Delivery takes place usually within a few days of completing with the order.


Click here to download a pdf brochure about The Grindometer®.

Technical article

Click here to download a technical article about The Grindometer® that appeared in the magazine Industrial Diamond Quarterly, in pdf format.

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