Mission Statement

Dr. Badger’s goal is to provide to his customers with objective, unbiased, accurate, up-to-date information about grinding and to support them in every way possible in improving their grinding operations. He is devoted to continuously gaining a better understanding of the grinding process and communicating this understanding in the most practical, down-to-earth way possible. His research goals are to advance mankind’s understanding of the grinding process and to develop new, more efficient methods of grinding.

Objectivity: Dr. Badger works independently and is not affiliated with any particular companies in the grinding industry.

Product Endorsement: Dr. Badger does not represent any particular companies nor does he endorse any products or brands. However, when Dr. Badger feels a particular product or process is beneficial, he will recommend that product to his customers. This recommendation is based strictly on the scientific merit of the product and he receives no benefits – financial or otherwise – from this recommendation.

Companies wishing to send catalogs and samples of their products are welcome to do so. If these products are evaluated, they will be evaluated strictly on their scientific merit.

Scientific Skepticism: When evaluating a product or process, Dr. Badger relies on hard scientific evidence and is very suspicious of “anecdotal evidence” or broad claims of “improved performance”. Any new products are assumed to be of no improved benefit until proven in the laboratory and in real production.