High Intensity Grinding Course

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September 11-13, 2019

Hosted by Vollmer

Focus on grinding tungsten-carbide “hard metal”


October 8-10, 2019

Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Hosted by S.L. Munson & Co & IGA Abrasives

Will change how your

company grinds.


An investment in your grinding operations that will pay for itself almost immediately – and many, many times over.


Goal: Give attendees an in-depth understanding of production grinding along with the knowledge and tools to make significant, long-term improvements to their grinding operations. Provide attendees with intensive, practical supporting material – The Book of Grinding® and The Grinder’s Toolbox® – to enable them to continue their grinding education for years after the course.


Prerequisites: Previous experience in production grinding, preferably several years. This is not an introductory class nor is it a light overview of the subject.


Takeaways: The most popular option and the best investment for those wishing to gain an in-depth understanding of grinding and make long-term improvements. Previous attendees have reported back major cost-savings and generally better grinding and troubleshooting by gaining a logical, scientific approach to grinding.


In-depth, long-term grinding education: The High Intensity Grinding Course is three days long. However, for many attendees, the course is just the beginning of their grinding education. Each attendee receives The Book of Grinding. This practical, graphics-focused, electronic, 4000-page educational resource has been 20 years and 20,000 hours in the making. Many attendees use this material for years after the course. Attendees also receive The Grinder’s Toolbox, a program for calculating optimum grinding, dressing and cooling parameters.











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$3,650 per attendee

$3,350 per attendee

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$3,850 per attendee

$3,550 per attendee

Q: Who should attend?

People who already have some experience and knowledge in grinding and want an in-depth understanding of grinding, dressing, cooling, thermal damage and chatter. Examples of people who have taken the course: Machines operators; grinding-wheel salespeople; an engineer at a coolant distributor who wants to understand coolant function and delivery and how to evaluate coolants; production manager who wants to understand issues facing his company and how to address them; engineer at OEM grinding-machine builder who wants to understand issues facing grinders and possible new features to add to his machines; diamond distributor who wants to understand customer needs and how to choose diamond & CBN properties; owner of grinding-wheel manufacturer who wants to understand his customers’ needs.

Q: Who should NOT attend?

People who want a light overview of grinding; people with little to no experience or knowledge in grinding; people looking for information on electrolytic in-process dressing, electro-chemical grinding, etc.; people using only coated abrasives, or looking for information on honing, lapping, polishing or abrasive-jet machining.

Q: I’m having scheduling conflicts but want to get started learning about grinding. What can I do?

Purchase The Book of Grinding, which is the material used in the course. Each purchaser receives one spot in the High Intensity Grinding Course which he/she can use during any course for up to three years after purchase.

Q: Do I need good math skills to attend the course?

No. The course contains some very basic math, but we have made much effort to make it very accessible to everybody with basic math skills. And, if you really despise math, you can always do the calculations in The Grinder’s Toolbox, which is included in the course.

Q: My English isn’t great. Will that be a problem during the course?

The course will be held in English. I have lived and worked around the world and speak standard, easy-to-understand, international English. Hundreds of non-native English speakers have attended my grinding courses and lectures. Moreover, my courses are centered around The Book of Grinding, presented on-screen in Powerpoint, and have a very graphics-heavy emphasis – charts, graphs, figures, even cartoons – rather than a word-heavy emphasis. Therefore, even people with limited English will benefit greatly from the course. In addition, attendees receive The Book of Grinding, which they can study in detail after the course.

Q: Will I receive a diploma or certificate?

Yes. On the last day, each attendee receives a framed certificate of attendance.

Q: The course at the large grinding-wheel manufacturer is less expensive. Why shouldn’t I just take that course?

First, numerous people have told me that they first took that course, and later the High Intensity Grinding Course. They all said the same thing: the High Intensity Grinding Course is way more practical, more accessible, more useful and less commercial. (One attendee wrote in the course evaluation, “I learned ten times more here than I did at the wheel-manufacturer’s course.”) Second, The Grinding Doc’s course is non-commercial. You will get no sales pitch on new wheels, just hardcore facts on grinding.

If you’re still not convinced, attend both. And if you’ll sincerely state, and put in writing, “I learned more at the wheel-manufacturer’s course than at The Grinding Doc’s course,” we’ll refund the price. Seriously.

First course:

Courses to date:

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Total company investment:

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Repeat-company attendees:



Most popular subjects:







approximately $1,200,000



40% (attendees from companies which have already sent people to the course or have had an in-house Grinding Boot Camp)

Aggressiveness, coolant application, eliminating thermal damage and grinding burn, diagnosing chatter, reducing cycle times.

The High Intensity Grinding Course is non-promotional. You will learn about grinding and only grinding. Course hosts receive no air-time to promote their products.

Conventional abrasives • superabrasives • specifying a wheel • choosing a grit size • common mistakes in choosing grit size • single-point dressing • choosing appropriate dressing parameters for wheel sharpness & avoiding excessive diamond wear • rotary dressing • dressing uni-directional vs. anti-directional • choosing appropriate plunge speed or traverse speed for wheel sharpness & avoiding excess diamond wear • common mistakes in rotary dressing • truing & conditioning of superabrasives • common mistakes in truing • burn • reducing burn • identifying genuine thermal damage “burn” vs. oxidation burn • burr • how to reduce burr • loading • identifying cause of loading • reducing loading • cleaning nozzle for loading • chatter • identifying source of chatter • obliterating chatter in cylindrical grinding via RPM ratio • surface finish • common mistakes in achieving surface finish • cooling • pressure vs. velocity vs. flowrate in cooling • nozzle design • nozzle aim • sizing the nozzle to avoid pressure drop • common mistakes in cooling • cleaning nozzle • common mistake in sizing cleaning nozzle • ceramic “SG” abrasive • Cubitron & Quantum grits • how to choose speeds & feeds via “Aggressiveness” in ceramic abrasive • finding the “sweet spot” of the wheel • cylindrical grinding, choosing speeds & feeds for cycle-time reduction & low temperatures • up-grinding vs. down-grinding • cost reduction • cycle-time reduction • grinding of hardened steel • tungsten-carbide • continuous-dress grinding of nickel alloys • using The Grinder’s Toolbox to choose optimum cooling, grinding & dressing parameters • new developments in grinding.

The Grinding Doc’s three-day course was just the beginning of our education. I am now using the material from The Book of Grinding to educate people in my factory. I spend 30 minutes explaining a topic and then we discuss how it applies to our processes. The results have been amazing.”

“Two of us took The Grinding Doc’s three-course course. The following year our plated-CBN costs were reduced in the millions. We’re still kind of in shock.”

Randy, Engineer at major Japanese automotive manufacturer in the U.S.

“Completely changed the way we approach our grinding operations.”

Doug, Grinder of aerospace alloys

“The best technical course I have taken in any subject, ever.”

Boris, Grinder of nickel-alloy turbine blades

“Best seminar I have ever attended. I can't wait to get back to the shop on Monday and start trying out the things I learned.”

Karl, Blanchard & Cylindrical Grinder

“The first year  after attending the course, we reduced wheel costs several million dollars. We had no idea  how much about grinding we didn’t know.”

Frank, large automotive-grinding facility.


September 11-13, 2019










October 8-10, 2019




March 23-25, 2020 *tentative

Location & Hosts

Biberach, Germany – Vollmer

Carbide course, pre-EMO

This is a special course, the week before the EMO trade-show, focused solely on grinding of tungsten-carbide/cobalt “hard metal”. There will be extra time given to on-machine demonstrations and optimization on the Vollmer Vgrind. In addition, a simultaneous headphone translation will be made in German.


Grand Rapids, Michigan  USA

S.L. Munson & Co. & IGA Abrasives

Classic High Intensity Grinding Course


Celle, Germany

Dr. Kaiser

Classic High Intensity Grinding Course

Reduced Price Deadline

August 25, 2019










September 28, 2019





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